37 - Jay Knight, the Healthy Humanist talks with us

Former Marine Jay Knight, the Healthy Humanist joins us on the show. Jay, an atheist, talks about his blog, his experiences in Iraq and why he goes to church.

Healthy Humanist


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  • tremon123

    Love your show. Today Wendy mentioned how people in hospitals will quite often thank god for their treatment rather than the hospital team. This reminded me of something that I have wondered about. A friend’s baby daughter had had surgery on her heart to remove a tumor. When they expressed their thankfulness to the doctor, he gave credit to god for his work in the surgery. I found this just amazing since clearly this man had worked very hard for years to become a cardiology surgeon. I am not sure if he worked only in pediatrics but it would seem to me that operating on a baby would be extremely difficult. The only reason that I could figure for him to give credit “to the lord” was that if things did not turn out well it might make the parents feel as though it was out of their hands. Do you have any thoughts about doctors that would do this?

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