49 - Is Richard Dawkins a dick?

The answer is NO.

Wendy tells us about the recent kerfuffle between atheist heavy hitters Rebecca Watson and Richard Dawkins.
We also talk about the Freedom From Religion Foundations lawsuit against Rick Perry’s Prayer event and friend of the show Cecil Bothwell’s run for congress.

Richard Dawkins, skeptic of women?
Cecil Bothwell running for congress
FFRF’s Lawsuit against Rick Perry


3 comments to 49 – Is Richard Dawkins a dick?

  • Baraeris

    No he certainly was NOT a dick, and he was right to say what he did. The man in the elevator took no for an answer. He took no for an answer. He… took no… for an answer… He took no for an answer! This whole incident has been blown so far out of proportion.

    Did the man say, let’s go have sex and by the way do you have any condoms on you? No, he asked her for coffee. You don’t have to interpret coffee as sex. You don’t have to automatically go down the perversion road and translate an invitation to coffee as “let’s get sticky”. Could it possibly be that, to borrow from Freud, sometimes coffee is just coffee?

    Yep, sure is possible. No one is denying that his timing wasn’t awkward. But the bottom line is that he took no for an answer, and no more need to have come from the incident. Rebecca Watson should give a public and heartfelt apology for the monster she’s created.

  • Baraeris

    And there’s the other straw. Thanks for a few episodes, but my conscience won’t let me subscribe to or support your podcast any longer.

    • Tom

      Sorry to hear you that you will no longer be listening to the show. If you had actually listened to this show, you probably would have heard me say that while the comment might have been dikish, Richard Dawkins is no dick. Perhaps the title was a bit strong.

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