About Us

From the Global Atheist Convention in Australia, 2010

Wendy and Tom at the Global Atheist Convention

Tom and Wendy met and fell in love in a pentecostal church.  Tom was raised an evangelical christian and planned to live his life serving god until he saw the light. After much study, he de-converted in 2007.  Wendy, a registered nurse, remained a christian for another 2 years.  Finally, in 2009, Wendy became an atheist and in 2010, the two started the Frostcall podcast to share their experiences.


Born and raised charismatic christian, Ben converted to atheism after it was clear that the christian god was logically impossible. Ben dropped his irrational mythological beliefs while pursuing an exhaustive study of every conceivable possibility of immortality (or of some form of continued life post mortem). Having been legally dead twice so far, Ben doesn’t see what the big deal is with Jesus, especially since Ben is pretty sure he can prove his own existence and has living credible witnesses of his deaths.  He has a background in both the liberal arts and in the sciences.  He shares the Freudian view of all religions and proselytizes semi-fanatically.