50 - Dawkins, Oslo, law and order

Ben joins us again as we discuss last weeks show, the killings in Oslo and crime and punishment. Forgive us for audio issues this week, we had a mic go out.


49 - Is Richard Dawkins a dick?

The answer is NO.

Wendy tells us about the recent kerfuffle between atheist heavy hitters Rebecca Watson and Richard Dawkins.
We also talk about the Freedom From Religion Foundations lawsuit against Rick Perry’s Prayer event and friend of the show Cecil Bothwell’s run for congress.

Richard Dawkins, skeptic of women?
Cecil Bothwell running for congress
FFRF’s Lawsuit against Rick Perry


48 - Camp Quest's Amy Monsky joins us.

Director of Camp Quest South Carolina, Amy Monsky joins us this week to tell us all about the camp. Wendy and Tom also discuss Glenn Beck’s departure from Fox News.
Be sure to listen to the end to help us with our one year anniversary show.

Camp Quest SC
Camp Quest Inc


47 - Minicast. This week, we ran short on time

Wendy, Tom and Penelope give you almost 9 full minutes of action packed audio. We very briefly discuss the passage of Gay Marriage in New York.


46 - Atheists and AA, Rick Perry calls for jesus

In this episode, Ben, Wendy and Tom talk about Nick Clegg, atheists in Alcoholics Anonymous, and Rick Perry’s plan to pray for our country while gaining votes.

Nick Clegg article
Is there a place for atheists in AA?
Rick Perry sets us straight with The Response


45 - 'Surly' Amy Davis Roth joins us.

Ben, Wendy and Tom talk about AC Grayling’s new college ‘The New College of the Humanities’ and the debate about the price to attend. Liberal Christians are upset over some Republicans using atheist Ayn Rand as an economic role model.
Amy Davis Roth, a.k.a. ‘Surly’ Amy joins us on the show. She talks about joining skepchick, being a female skeptic and atheist, and she discusses a few of her articles.

Use the promo code FROSTCALL at Amy’s store to get 15% off your order. Good until the end of July.

New College of the Humanities
Christian right defies an atheist
Mad Art Lab


44 - Being Gay is OK, and Jack Kevorkian dies.

Tom and Wendy talk about homosexuality and how it’s treated in the religious community. Seattle Atheists claim fraud against Harold Camping. Atheists gather in Dublin, Ireland. Atheists sue Transit Authority in Little Rock over rejecting bus ads. Jack Kevorkian’s passing and end of life issues. Next week, ‘Surly’ Amy joins us.

Atheists sue Little Rock Transit over rejected bus ads.
Atheist Conference in Dublin, Ireland.
Teapot Atheist commenting on the Seattle Atheists “fraud” claim.
Black Atheists of America talking about the LGBT and atheism
It’s OK to be Takei


43 - Jesus helps you win the loto, get fat, and feel guilty having sex.

This week, Tom and Wendy talk about a New York woman who won the lotto after her atheist son prayed for her. They discuss reports that religious folks tend to be fatter than atheists and feel guilty about sex.

Atheist son prays for mom and she wins $1,000,000 loto.

Religious Folks get porky:

(Listener submitted) 7th Day Adventist and High School class president won’t attend his graduation due to it being on a Saturday:

Walter doesn’t roll on Shabbos

Atheists have better sex than religious folk:

Catholics blame the devil and ‘the 60’s’ for child abuse:


42 - You have been left behind

The rapture came and you missed it.

Or not. On this weeks episode, Ben, Wendy and Tom talk about Family Radio and their failed prediction.

Also, atheist moments in history presents: Thomas Paine honored 100 years after his death, Madeline Murray being sued


24 Hour Rapture Party

Thomas Paine remembered in 1910

‘The Lord Is Not On Trial Here Today’


41 - Our little heathen is born.

The lovely Wendy is no longer ‘the very pregnant’ Wendy. Penelope was born to Wendy and Tom Saturday morning after 26 hours of labor.
Wendy and Tom talk about their newborn child, the 2012 Global Atheist Convention and Rock Beyond Belief.

2012 Global Atheist Convention
Rock Beyond Belief