40 - LGBT bullying and adoption

This week, Wendy and Tom talk about bullying in schools targeted at the LGBT community, and some of the issues making adoption by two gay parents difficult in the US.

2010 Global Atheist Convention in Australia videos.


39 - Live from the Kitchen counter. Or, How I learned to stop worrying about Free Will

Ben comes to Texas to visit and joins us live for the show. We talk about Free Will and question if we actually have it. Ben tells us about his Rapture Survival Kit, and Tom offers his Rapture Ready Kit.Ben, Live in the Kitchen


38 - Happy Zombie Jesus Day; Now with Tornadoes! - Justin Griffith guest hosts

Wendy, Tom and Justin take about Tornadoes, Rock Beyond Belief and the origins of Easter. Justin tells us why some supermarkets have a funny odor.


37 - Jay Knight, the Healthy Humanist talks with us

Former Marine Jay Knight, the Healthy Humanist joins us on the show. Jay, an atheist, talks about his blog, his experiences in Iraq and why he goes to church.

Healthy Humanist


36 - Youtube legend AronRa chats with us.

This week, AronRa joins Tom, Wendy and Ben and discusses his background. Topics discussed include visions, education and lying creationists. Ben plays the devils advocate a few times in our talk.


AronRa’s Website
AronRa’s Youtube Channel
The Magic Sandwich Show
Rock Beyond Belief official ‘Trailer’


35 - Dealing with christian family, recent news

This week Wendy and I talk about a recent study that suggests religion will become ‘extinct’ in 9 nations. We also discuss the Koran burning incident and the deaths that followed.  Wendy shares the touchy subject of dealing with family that still belive.  I talk about an AronRa lecture I attended titled ‘What We Can and Cannot Honestly Say We ‘Know”.  


Justin Griffith in the news

Religion to become extinct in 9 nations

UN staff killed after protests over Koran burning


34 - The Rapture is coming May 21, babys go to hell.

Justin Griffith joins us at the end.

Ben, Wendy and Tom discuss what christians believe about the Rapture and Tribulation. A large church says the rapture is coming May 21st. Where does the bible say babies go to when they die?


Rock Beyond Belief


33 - Interview with Nate Phelps

Nate Phelps, atheist son of imfaous funeral protestor and pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, joins us.

Nate tells us about his childhood under his fathers rule, selling candy bars to support the family and his escape.

Visit Nate Phelps at his website.


32 - Ben's Story

Justin Griffith joins us for his weekly update and Ben tells us about his journey from being religious, to hyper-religion, to becoming an atheist.

Justin posts about what’s new with RBB, and has a petition to sign.
Check out Justin’s interview on Free Thought Radio.


31 - Rock Beyond Belief Canceled? Ben tells us why there is no god.

Wendy and Ben are back. On the heels of the recent devistating news that Rock Beyond Belief is being canceled due to severe restrictions, Justin Griffith joins us and explains what’s going on.

Ben explains the problems a god would have to overcome in order to exsists.

We end the show with a Spanish version of the opening.