30 - Youtube atheist Philhellenes joins us as Justin Griffith guest hosts

Justin Griffith guest hosts the show. Philhellenes, popular Youtube atheist, tells us about his motivation and experiences from over 4 years of making videos.

Philhellense Youtube channel

Rock Beyond Belief


29 - Contradictions, Craziness and Problems with the Bible

Ben, Wendy and I look at a handful of odd things found in the bible. We also go into several problems in the bible and a few contradictions.

A decent place to start:


28 - Happy Darwin Day, Kelli Dunham joins us

Happy Darwin Day!
Kelli Dunham joins us on todays show. Kelli, a comedian, atheist and former nun, joins us by phone and tells us about her life as a nun. She also tells us her personal experiences with end of life issues.
Check out Kelli’s website here.


27 - Military Extravaganza

Three guests join us for this weeks show.

Jason Torpy, President of MAAF – Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers

Justin Griffith, Founder and Organiser of Rock Beyond Belief and M.A.S.H -Military Atheists and Secular Humanists

Grace Quiroz, Founder and Organiser  M.A.S.H Fort Campbell

The three discuss why they started their organizations, the difficulty they faced and how they work together to help atheists and non believers in today’s military.


26 - Jennifer Hancock interview, and Miss America questions

Wendy tells us about a recent Miss America question, Justin Griffith gives us a quick update on a new M.A.S.H chapter and columnist and author Jennifer Hancock joins us for an interview on her new book ‘The Humanist Approach to Happiness’.


Jen Hancock’s site where you can read about and buy her new book.

Fort Campbell M.A.S.H group


25 – Cecil Bothwell, an elected atheist tells us his story

Cecil joins Wendy and Tom on the show this week.  He talks about getting elected as an atheist, conservation issues that affect us all and ends the show with why he is good without god.

Have a look at Cecil’s blog here

Also from the show, Amy Cummings from Left Field Pictures asked that I share this (click More):

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No Atheists In Congress?

Ben and Tom talk about the Army’s Spiritual Fitness Test, and if there a report stating that there are no atheists in congress.


Spiritual Fitness

Washington Post on atheists in congress


23 - Justin announces Richard Dawkins coming to Rock Beyond Belief

Justin Griffith, of  rockbeyondbelief.com joins Wendy and Tom as a guest host.  We talk about the mandatory Army spiritual fitness test, the 8th Atheist World Conference in India and the basketball hoops issue in Polk County Florida.  Justin then surprises us by announcing that Richard Dawkins will be speaking at Rock Beyond Belief this spring.

Show Links:

Mandatory Army Spiritual Fitness Test

8th Atheist World Conference

Hoops to Churches


22- Faith Healers and Magic Bracelets

Wendy and I discuss the fraud of faith healers and magical ‘balance’ bracelets.  We also talk about how the superstitious nature of religion makes it inherently dangerous.


Skeptoid episode about ‘New Age Energy’

James Randi video where he debunks Peter Popoff


21 - Merry Newtonmas, the repeal of 'don't ask don't tell' and you're an atheist too

An early podcast to enjoy this week (OK, just 1 day early).

The three of us discuss Isaac Newton’s birthday (on the old calendar), the recent repeal of ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ and how we are all born atheists.  Send us your feedback: tom at frostcall.com